Lewis Overcast

Web Developer

About Me

My name is Lewis Overcast and I currently reside in Las Vegas, Nevada. I am a critcal thinker, problem solver and love the aesthetics of building webpages. I am a self-starter and self-motivated individual continually learning the nuances of coding and programming. My passions outside of coding include my love for going on adventures, playing music, and taking nature hikes.

My Current Technical Skills


A playlist creation app using React.js and Spotify APIs. Deployed on surge.


An ecommerce website, I worked on all the front-end with HTML, CSS, and some Javascript. I also worked on some of the back-end with PHP.

Learn Enough

A Sample Website using HTML and CSS.

Crazy Cat Login

A responsive and interactive login page using HTML and CSS.

Number Guessing Game

A random number guesser that keeps score of the winner, made using Javascript, CSS, and HTML.

Pup Spa

A sample website using CSS grid and HTML.